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Day 8 - Going off script - "I'm living my dream." Meeting Maciej at the Krakow Pinball Museum

Updated: May 9, 2022

We are still a bit behind in our posting from our time in Krakow. We had hoped to post daily while we were actually in Krakow, but that proved to be a bit too ambitious in the end. And now we have returned to where we live (LIsbon), we are finding it hard to juggle things around... but we will get there.

So with that said, let's go back in time a few weeks to our time in Krakow.

For those of you that might not know, myself (the video maker) and Rita (the photographer) - usually make a video and photo series in Portugal called 'People of Lisbon' where every week we make a fun short documentary about a different interesting person in the city.

And while we were on an overall mission to document refugee and humanitarian stories in Krakow related to the Ukraine Russia conflict - we soon came to discover that Krakow was a wonderful place to visit, Krakow itself became a personality in our journey - in our story.

One night Rita suggested that it might be a good idea to make one piece about someone in Krakow not connected to the ongoing conflict. Maybe we could make a video about someone or something fun in Krakow? In a similar way that we do with People of Lisbon.

Part of me felt that might be bit off beat. I was unsure how it would feel. That was until I walked by a sign for the Krakow Pinball Museum. I don't know what it was but the child in me suddenly got very excited. I got positively giddy. What a novel idea for a museum I felt. If we were going to go off script, it was going to be for pinball!

So with that I reached out to the owner of the museum - a man called Maciej. I asked him could we come and capture him and pinball museum. Thankfully he said yes..

Here is the video and photos we came up with from our visit to meet Maciej -

Photos by Rita Ansone

The Krakow Pinball Museum on Facebook

- Stephen O'Regan

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