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Day 3 - "People bring the soup. People collect the soup. That's the process."

I will admit we are behind schedule on the publishing of our videos. The videos are filmed, but finding the time to edit and publish is another story. We beg forgiveness.

I todays video we meet Kashia - a restauranteur in Krakow.

Kashia has a couple of very cool establishments in the city that specialise in vegetarian offerings - and she likes highlighting her shakshuka and hummus.

Kashia had tremendous energy when we met her. She was multi-tasking - attending to her restaurants while having to deal with an annoying coupe of people chasing her with cameras - but she was very nice to us - and she even let us taste some of her food.

Kashia is volunteering for a group that is called Soups for Ukraine - or Zupa dla Ukrainy Kraków. As she sums it up - "People bring the soup. People collect the soup. That's the process".

This is the video we made with Kashia -

Here is the Facebook group for Zupa dla Ukrainy. if you wish to support them.

You can also check out Kashias restaurants - Hummus Amamamusi and Ranny Ptaszek.

Rita also got to take some great photos during our time with Kashia -

Photos by Rita Ansone

- Stephen O'Regan

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